Emceeing & Music For Your Events

The two necessities when it comes to the success of any event or party.

A good master of ceremony bridges the gap between you and your audience, while live music creates the perfect ambience to set your audience in the right mood.

Here with Janice Yap, an experienced master of ceremonies and a musician herself, is your one stop to get them both. Create the perfect environment for your audience to settle in and embrace your brand, message or simply enjoy your party.

Our Mission

To make your event a memorable one through entertaining banter (master of ceremony) and delightful live music.

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About Janice Yap

It’s not often that we come across an emcee/master of ceremony with experience in all facets of public speaking, what more one with a remarkably warm and quirky personality.

With her rich experience in Live Emceeing, TV Presenting, Radio Announcing, Musical Theatre, Stage Productions, Producing & Directing, Scriptwriting & Songwriting, Voice-overs & Vocal Coaching, Janice is a talent who excels both in front of and behind the scenes and cameras.

Familiar with the skills needed to host an event smoothly, while making whatever improvisations necessary as changes happen throughout an event, Janice delivers only her best with great energy, enthusiasm and exceptional ability to read and respond to her audience on demand.

A team-player, Janice is gamed to make your event a blast.

Why Choose Janice Yap?


Work stress-freely with a professional emcee who is spontaneous and performs well even under pressure, as required while going live ‘on air’ on both TV and Radio.

Quality Live Music

We provide experienced and highly qualified musicians only – musicians of which we ourselves as musicians, can trust.

Creative & Flexible

With Janice Yap’s creative background, you can customise the emceeing and music to suit and flow with your event seamlessly – providing a unique and memorable experience for your audience.

Awards & Accolades

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